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April 11th, outsourced

Ken Jennings did another AMA on Reddit.

Why do we sometimes say "probly" instead of "probably"? [HT Kathy]

THIS is how you do an April Fool's joke. The setup is so great: a particular professor requires students whose mobile phones ring during class to take the call on speakerphone. [HT Jeremy]

The most poignant vending machine "Out of Order" sign you will ever see. So touching.

Um, another vending machine sign (weird to have two all at once).

This political cartoon just came true in real life. [HT Eric D. Snider]

This is indeed the most terrifying car recall ("some models vulnerable to spider attack"). [HT Jessie]

I've enjoyed following baby Prince George's shenanigans in NZ.

Smithsonian photo contest finalists!!!

Movies as businesses, with business cards. [HT Ashi]

Why haven't they just located the dang black box already (of MH370)?? Here's why. [HT Ashi]

Another haircut

Salalah as Nephi's Bountiful