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Bad crawling form

When you have more than one baby, it can be fun to compare the ages at which they reach certain milestones. Both of my girls learned to sit up at about 7 months, crawl at 8 months, and walk at 10 months.

Sterling has his own schedule. So far, he learned to crawl at 6 months and sit up at 7 months. (This means we completely bypassed that nice, if brief, stage of "sit up and play nicely with a pile of toys.")

His crawling form is atrocious. I think it's a product of the tile floors here - he really gets good purchase with those little toes (and he has lots of blisters/callouses to show for it).

Magdalena had more textbook technique, but Miriam started out with bad form, too.

However, she eventually straightened out because that semi-crawl wasn't very fast.

I wonder if Sterling will ever correct his form, though, since his scoot-drag-crawl works really well for him. It works well for me, too, to be honest, since I can hear the slap-slap of his hands as he makes his way around the house. It makes it easy for me to keep track of where he is.

I'll leave you with pictures of one of my favorite stages of babydom: planks and supermans. Magdalena had this epic pose:

Sterling used to do supermans all the time,

as well as the occasional plank. So cute!

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