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Take Sterling to work day

I don't teach on Mondays so the babysitter didn't come, but I still had work to do. So I took Sterling to the office with me.

First stop was my literal office. I caught up on grading and got a test ready while Sterling punched pushpins through a cardboard box for almost an hour. Then we printed stuff out, and made copies. The clerk in the copy room gave him a Kit Kat and thus became his best friend. Sterling was in awe of the big, noisy copy machine.

He saw my co-worker in the hallway, who happens to be the mom of one of his favorite friends of Miriam, so he recognized her. He smiled and tried to catch her eye as we walked by and it was so rewarding when my co-worker turned her attention to him and said hello.

We ran into a Facilities worker in the elevator on the way out, aka Sterling's hero. The Facilities men are all Indian and they all wear blue uniform shirts and Sterling calls them "guys." They fixed a light once in our stairwell and not a day goes by without Sterling pointing at it and saying, "light! guy! thank you!" After that celebrity encounter, we were on our way.

To the arts building! We met with the choir director in her very nice office and I tried to be coherent during our music discussion while keeping Sterling from wrecking the place. Then we retreated to a practice room and I hammered away at Don't Rain on My Parade for a while while he picked up various detritus from the floor and walked around flipping the on/off switches on the outlet plates.

On our way back to the bike, we ogled the fountains on the main plaza for a few minutes before the sun baked us (or as the sun baked us). He loves the fountains, even when they're off, like they were today.

Then on the bike and home.

Most of the time, it's impossible to get much done when Sterling is around, but today I felt very productive. It was a great Take Sterling to Work Day.

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