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May 9th, outsourced

This young woman took self portraits in the style of each decade since the 1920s. So cool!

Stupid paparazzi headlines, improved. See "Makeup-free Amy Adams is anything but glamorous as she goes wild in the aisles in Los Angeles supermarket" become "Woman buys grocers, remains 5-time Academy Award nominee." Bravo.  [HT Lyse]

What is gluten? Some people who stick to a gluten-free diet don't know the answer to this question. [HT Lili]

First-World Problems, Japan Style: "The six ice packs the lady at the pastry shop put in my packaging cooled my two pieces of cake so much, that back home we had to wait to eat them." Oh, the horror!

Family cleans house, finds pet tortoise missing since 1982. I love this story! [HT Jessie]

I feel like there are a lot of these going around lately: person has extraordinary talent, as seen on x tv show. But seriously, this woman has an extraordinary talent! In addition to her ability to use sand and shadow to paint a story, I am amazed at the fact that her hair does not fall in front of her face as she does so.

Bring Back Our Girls

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