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Baby food bliss

One of my favorite things I've done differently with kid #3 is feeding him store-bought baby food. BLISS. I only ever fed the girls homemade baby food and that worked well enough at the time. I started out doing the same with Sterling, but I got tired of him spitting out my painstakingly prepared concoctions. Let him spit out the store-bought stuff, I thought. And he did. For a while, at least.

Now that he has gotten the hang of this solid food thing, though, I'm not inclined to give up the store-bought stuff. It is so dang handy. I can't get over how much I love just opening up a jar/pouch and feeding it to him. Plus, I am just never going to make the kid pot au feu or chicken and couscous or any of the other ethnic concoctions they have here, so thank you, random Moroccan/French/British/Turkish/English baby food brands.

As he gets used to it all, I am bringing him more into our regular family meal foods, which I then smoosh or blend to a manageable texture. He's had refried black beans, chili, hummus, and borscht that way. The store-bought baby food stage is relatively short, but I am so glad I chose that path this time around.

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