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July 4th, outsourced

David Holland (yes, of those Hollands) gives great perspective on gender issues in Mormonism. [HT Jen]

I loved seeing the different ideas of beauty on display when this woman's picture was photoshopped in 25 different countries. I think Argentina is my favorite. The US one is badly done, sorry.

First there was First Moon Party. Now this "Like A Girl" campaign. Feminine product commercials are now officially THE BEST.

A woman in Australia was electrocuted (and died) recently while using a knockoff phone charger. This article has more about the differences between the real thing and the cheap ones.

Trivia + maps = awesome. [HT Andrew]

The World Cup of arm folding. Soooooo hilarious. [HT Blair]

What is the future of English, which is increasingly spoken as a second language? Good news: "whom" might be officially DONE.

The ups and downs of Wizz Air (budget airline)

In the land of Nadia Comaneci