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Leipzig was wonderful, after the broken-arm drama was taken care of. On Friday morning, everything looked so much brighter than it had the night before as we stress-waited in the ER. So much of your experience as a tourist in unfamiliar cities depends on your mood. Munich found us grouchy at having to leave the village where we'd been staying for a month, grouchy because there were no bathrooms, grouchy because of the rain, and grouchy because the toy museum failed us. I'm sure it's a lovely place, and that on another day, I would be raving about it here.

But instead, I'm raving about Leipzig because it's the place where I woke up after a decent night's sleep, happy that my daughter was OK, happy that we were all together, and happy to be in Bach-land. So Leipzig was wonderful.

I did notice, though, that Leipzig has a thing about the Mc- prefix. We stayed in a hotel called McDreams. We saw a sign for a gym called McFit. And a bathroom at the train station - where I paid 1 Euro for the privilege of performing a basic human need - was called McClean. Just interesting.

Since we spent so long in the south of Germany, we are actually noticing some differences about the north. Or it may be that we are noticing differences about the former East Germany, who knows? It would take a trip to the northwest of Germany to find out. It feels a little more like Russia here. Just a little.

We are in Berlin now. Starting tomorrow, we begin the trek back to Romania and then the UAE. It will take several days, and I confess I'm not looking forward to the end of our summer vacation!

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