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August 8th, outsourced

Man vs. Food - one man's experience trying out six diets. Excellent food for thought. [HT Kat]

What kind of parent forgets a child in a hot car? (Note: I read the Washington Post article she links to years ago and I can never forget it - and I can never read it again. I think of it almost every time I load/unload my kids from the car.)

A video exists of Helen Keller and I was not made aware of it until this week. So cool. [HT Jen]

Eight reasons children of the 1970s should all be dead. Even though my own daughter fell off a trampoline and broke her arm this week, I am still laughing at this article. Jarts?? [HT Suzanne]

Speaking of: broken bones stats. I appreciated this. Anecdotally, neither me nor any of my four siblings ever broke a bone while growing up, which seems kind of amazing in retrospect. [HT Andrew]

Modern Seinfeld plot ideas. Spot-on. [HT Sarah]

I love seeing what technology can do for linguistic research. This Twitter-based analysis of superdialects is so interesting! [HT Kaylee]


It's not vacation until somebody has to visit the ER