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September 26th, outsourced

18 awesome apple varieties. Including Nonnetit Bastard (!). [HT Susanne]

John Oliver - one of my favorite people these days - takes on the Miss America pageant. Chances are you've already watched this once this week. Watch it again.

Emma Watson gave an awesome speech this week, which you've also probably watched. Watch it again, too! It's that good.

What does the phrase "next weekend" mean to you? If you're not sure if I mean in 1 day, or 8 days, the word "oxt" may be able to help. [HT someone...]

Simple but hilarious. This guy left his iPad on a plane in Reykjavik. When he got it back 10 days later, it had some new photos on it.

Building a better breast pump!!!!!! Hallelujah!

In case you missed the comments from yesterday's post, a female fighter pilot from the UAE is part of the coalition carrying out strikes on IS. Wow! [HT Andrew]

Toddler church terror

The UAE and IS