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December 26th, outsourced

The cold medicine racket. There are only a few ingredients that help alleviate the symptoms of colds, but the medicine choices are so overwhelming, am I right?

This story of a woman with six kids and a bike, but no car (well, her husband has a sedan) warmed my heart all the way through. I love that she's doing it not for some in-your-face, ultra-hip reason, but because she loves it and it makes her happy. Sometimes doing hard things make us happy. (Plus, riding a bike makes us happy.) [HT Cait]

English-language "international" schools are attracting more and more locals - this is something I have observed here in the UAE (who has the highest concentration of international schools in the world), so it was interesting to read that this is a thing happening elsewhere, too.

Office workers re-creating classic works of art. Those pictures remind me of these, which I could link to every week and never get tired of them.

The carpet at the Portland Airport. Sigh.

A Utah man had to be hospitalized for chugging eggnog!

In today's awwwwww news, Costco employees and others worked together to buy all the things on a little kid's Christmas list that got left behind at the store.

My best books of 2014 (and other distinctions)

Merry Christmas from Downton Abbey