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October 31st, outsourced

If I were to ever want to do something like Elf on the Shelf, I would look into this instead: Kindness Elves. [HT Megan]

Harassment of Americans working at the embassy in Moscow has increased lately.

Turn your princess-obsessed toddler into a feminist in eight easy steps. [HT Cait, right?]

The Undress: change clothes in public without ever getting naked. Oh man could I ever use one of these for changing in and out of swimsuits in the wilds of Oman.

Halloween in the 1970s vs. today. I continue to love these kinds of articles.

The anti-vaccine movement is forgetting the polio epidemic. "In Frankie Flood’s first-grade classroom in Syracuse, New York [in 1952], eight children out of 24 were hospitalized for polio over the course of a few days. Three of them died." Can you imagine?? [HT Lindsay]

OH MY GOSH they think they found (a piece of) Amelia Earhart's plane!! [HT Liz]

I found this list of things you're really thinking while watching figure skating to be incredibly accurate. [HT Anna]

My stomach hurt after reading this post about diet food cards from the 1970s. Blechchchchchchchchchhch + laughing will do that to you. [HT Anna]

There is a lot of snark and low-level rage in this piece about The Default Parent. But there is also a lot of truth: "What's troubling is there seems to be no meaningful escape for the default parent. They don't get a break unless they physically remove themselves completely from their families...and throw their phones in a lake. Even when they do get a weekend away, they leave a detailed spreadsheet of daily activities organized by event time with notes. They arrange carpools and playdates, and leave a wrapped present for the birthday party. The non-default parent? They just leave. Incredibly, they just kiss us goodbye, and leave."

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