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Downton Abbey 5.5 (SPOILERS)

Oh, I had forgotten that Edith already stole little Marigold away from one adoptive mother. And now she's trying to do it again to that farmer lady. There is no happy way for this to end. So sad.

Branson and Miss Bunting "calling it a day" (love the euphemism) is possibly my favorite thing to happen this season so far. Praise be! Branson, the reason you never felt like a lunatic around Miss Bunting is that SHE is the lunatic.

It makes me nervous having those inspectors from Scotland Yard in the house. How cool would it have been, though, if it were a young Christopher Foyle who showed up in the library to interrogate Mary? So cool.

Look me in the face and tell me you still want Mary to marry Tony Gillingham. It's not possible.

Al Noor Mosque, lit up

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