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Downton Abbey 5.6 (SPOILERS)

I can't decide of Prince Karyagin's declarations of love for Lady Violet are ridiculous or FREAKING AWESOME and also romantic because Russian accent.

Pro tip, Mr. Bates. The words "it is not for you to be angry with me; it is for me to be angry with YOU" are not exactly the best way to smooth out a prickly situation with your wife.

(And let's get into this a little. I think it's a little, um, impossible for Anna to be using a, um, condom without Mr. Bates knowing, right? I mean, by definition. And maybe it's against Ladies' Maid Code, but why couldn't the first words out of Anna's mouth be "oh, that. It's for Lady Mary"?) [Note: I wrote this months ago during the original UK broadcast. Since it's aired in the US, I understand that it's not a condom - and thus she could have used it without him knowing - and this whole plot line makes a little more sense.]

On the other hand, pro tip FROM Cora. A good way to smooth out a prickly situation with your husband might be to oh so gently remind him of that one time when he kissed a maid, so he can just get off his high horse about the Scarlet Pimpernel am I right??

I sensed major shades of Sybil-in-pants during the scene where Mary reveals her new haircut. Sniff. I think even the music was the same.

OK, Lady Edith taking her own child back was literally the saddest thing I've ever seen on this show. Right?

"Do you think that we should invest in a property together" is quite simply the loveliest marriage proposal imaginable.
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