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Plants and famous people

Tonight at dinner, Magdalena announced that at school today for Topic, they learned about "plants and famous people." Then she started telling us about the famous people. She didn't always know their names, though.

"The richest man in the world. He made computers and Microsoft." (Bill Gates)

"The smartest man in the world. He has crazy poofy white hair and his head is big because there are so much brains in there." (Einstein)

"She helped people in India." (Mother Teresa)

"He got in trouble for doing things a young boy shouldn't do, and he's a singer, and he has a funny haircut that almost covers his eyes. Jenny...something?" (This one took a while, but it turned out to be Justin Bieber)

"He's an artist, and he has a white beard, and he invented telephones and electricity like 5000 years ago." (We are still stumped on this one. Benjamin Franklin? Alexander Graham Bell? Thomas Edison? Michelangelo?? Some British version of Bell or Edison? Except Bell was born Scottish, so I bet it was him. I just checked Wikipedia and he has a big white beard, so I'm betting on Bell, even though he wasn't an artist.)

"Queen Elizabeth Two."

"Sheikh Khalifa and Sheikh Mohammed." (The rulers of the UAE.)

Then came the best one. Keep in mind that she goes to a British school.

"He has black skin. He's the President of the United States and sometimes he thinks he's the President of the world."

Ah, it's so fun seeing how the world sees the US from the outside.

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