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Downton Abbey 5.7 (SPOILERS)

I love how Tony is all but broadcasting his huge secret that he slept with Mary: "I can't tell you what it is, but there is a BIG REASON I can never break up with Mary. We did something...Look, I CAN'T TELL YOU WHAT IT IS. It just means it wouldn't be "honourable" to break up, know what I mean?"

Anna and Bates should never plan their future. Never. Fate will find a way to mess it up. It does seem ungenerous and out of character for the Bateses to snub Baxter for talking to the police. It's the kind of thing they would have chastised Thomas for back in the day.

Isis is done for, I'm certain. I think a dog lying listless on the floor is the animal version of a character developing a cough. A cough always means death is on the way.

Rose in that blue dress. To die for!

I loved Lady Violet's grace in conceding that she and Mrs. Crawley were BFFs. I hope their womance can survive Isobel's marriage.

Plants and famous people

Reasons why saying goodbye is stupid and I hate it.