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Reasons why saying goodbye is stupid and I hate it.

1. It's stupid.

2. And I hate it.

3. I will most likely see you again. This applies even to Goodbyes with a capital G. This is not Little House on the Big Woods, after all. We have airplanes.

4. Even if I don't see you again, I actually will, on facebook or whatever. Again, this is not Ma pining after a single letter from her family.

5. Crying is just the worst.

Can you tell my mom left yesterday, after a three-week visit? I think it ended up being quite a workcation for her, since she spent a lot of time helping me with kids. But we had a great time.

I hate saying goodbye so much that I actually turn off my emotions 12-24 hours before the final meeting. That way, I'm able to just say "bye, thanks, see you later!" with a smile on my face (possibly while tears threaten to stream down my cheeks). If I let myself get sucked into a big show of farewells, I can't function.

It is a fact (that I have perhaps mentioned before on this blog) that when my brother left on his TWO YEAR Mormon mission, I wanted to stay in the car rather than go in and say goodbye to him. But my family made me come.

So those of you who have ever had to say Goodbye to me, now you know why I got all squirrelly and dead-faced in the day or two before we parted. Jeremy makes fun of my goodbye avoidance behaviors, but it's how I deal.

In conclusion, saying goodbye is stupid and I hate it.

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