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March 13th, outsourced

In case you ever wondered: this is what will happen when QEII dies.

24 things you learn to love when you live in Dubai.

The saga of a broken German door that became a memefest. Ah, the Germans.

Last Buzzfeed - it's a good one: 27 DIYs for book lovers! I'm not even into DIY but I wanted some of these. [HT Kathy]

Meet the Monuments Men risking everything to save Syria's treasures from ISIS. WOW.

The country (Philippines) training people to leave - such an interesting look into the process by which women train to become maids in other countries. [HT Susanne]

I can't stop thinking about this story of a high school track star with MS. As her body heat increases during races, she loses feeling in her legs and literally collapses at each finish line. Amazing story.

In case you've ever wondered about that huge abandoned airplane in Omm al Qawain. (I have.)

I enjoyed this satirical take on the viral news story about the female news presenter who told off a rude guest - but she was wearing hijab (it looked like a courtesy hijab) and speaking Arabic, so it was big news for the West. Or something. Anyway, satire is funny.

A few confessions to those who've left the church. This really resonated with me.

There are more photos on the contest website, but check out these finalists of the Smithsonian photo competition!

Duchess Kate visited the set of Downton Abbey, so now our lives are complete.

Children and animals, together in gorgeous photos taken in Russia.

Roses and a pillowcase

The big screen hassle