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March 27th, outsourced

I am intrigued by this Kickstarter for a product called Germavoid. I am a fan of the pinky-finger-door-opening move myself.

When is cheese not cheese? Musings on how food names in foreign languages can gross us out unnecessarily.

University course catalog cover accidentally becomes perfect metaphor for America.

I am so delighted by the fact that the Wisconsin basketball team is delighted by the stenographer recording press interviews. Delightful.

You WILL want to read this amazing story about the search for Richard III's remains, and then the search for his descendants, and one of the descendants ended up building his coffin coffin for him (!!!!!!!). So fascinating.

Jon Ronson on internet shaming. (Admit it: you totally read this in his voice in your mind. I did.)

We need to talk about the fact that apparently you DON'T have to have been born in the US to be President??? Was I the only one who was not previously aware of the nuances of "natural-born citizen"?? One of the first things Americans say to me when they meet Sterling is that "oh, well, he can never be President!" But he can, because at birth, he was entitled to citizenship on the merits of Jeremy and me. Apparently?? I feel like I've been lied to all my life.

I do not at all know the backstory of this video of Hugh Jackman applying to be a teacher. But that probably makes it funnier. I find it hilarious.

Wow, so many good links this week: have a look at these images of Swedish men making the most of generous paternity leave policies. Some of these picture brought me to tears, probably because they remind me of Jeremy.

Why is American figure skating losing the cold war?

This is an old article that I think I even linked to a while ago, but it is relevant: the crash of EgyptAir 990.

Smart phone decisions

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