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April 10th, outsourced

I wasn't on the nets much this week. Here's what I have for you.

Watch the Star Wars "I am your father" scene in 20 languages! These are definitely of different quality and feel. The Arabic one sounds like someone speaking into a walkie talkie. [HT Andrew]

In the category of baby gender reveal parties, we have this woman finding out she's having a girl after six boys; and this couple who staged a fight between the sexes, with the winner representing which one the baby is. Very clever.

Elementary school flashbacks. Yep.

I appreciated this short essay on beauty. The video they do-but-don't reference is this one from Dove. I would totally have been that woman at 1:45 who was like, "nope, didn't need to go inside that building anyway."

Mihintale/Ambasthale Dagoba

Food in Sri Lanka