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April 24th, outsourced

"...but still. on. a Friday!" Due to a weird confluence of circumstances, I forgot yesterday was Friday. So here you are, a day late!

Where on earth is Umm Al-Qawain? I loved the BBC's look at the lesser-known Emirates.

This flying baby is the cutest and the pictures are awesome! [HT Kathy]

This bizarre item in a Lego video game recently came to my attention. WOAH.

I am the worst at attributions, so I can't remember who posted this, but: What I learned in my 40s.

This guy is a friend of a friend, and the video is from a few years ago, but dang if I didn't almost cry watching it - Aladdin hopeful gets called up on stage to sing with Lea Salonga. [HT Kat]

Ooooh I wish I could see my kids playing this game - some kind of whipped cream (?) roulette?

Your manuscript on peer review. Love it. [HT Andrew]

My accompaniment nemesis

Sri Lanka tips