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October 14th, outsourced

Here is a timeline (from the NYT) of Republican leaders splitting from Trump.

Probably my favorite Ken Bone tweet, right here.

Our Best Bites tried a whole bunch of pumpkin spice products and it made me so sad that we don't have any here. What if I like it? I don't even know if I like it!

Rankings of safest countries for travel - some interesting surprises on this list, and some total not-surprises, too!

There's more than one way to map an election - fascinating election maps. [HT Kathy]

Lessons on surviving a siege, from Sarajevo, to Aleppo. [HT Selma]

Michelle Obama is a national treasure. Her speech in New Hampshire (full disclosure: it was an appearance on behalf of a certain presidential candidate) was something to behold.

The untold stories of Japanese war brides. Wow. [HT Jessie]

What my kids don't know

What my kids don't know

The most Finnish thing?

The most Finnish thing?