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October 13th, outsourced

From the NYT: Vegan diets, non-vegan one always going to be healthier than the other?

Why don't women walk as much as men do? Sometimes it can be because of safety reasons.

This (from The Economist) is the best article about the gender pay gap that I've ever read. It really gets into why there isn't an actual pay gap, in the sense that women doing equal work are generally receiving equal pay, but there IS a disparity in overall salaries between the sexes.

From the NYT: Man helps kidnapped girl and then gives her the $7k reward money.

Oh hi, my mom wrote down my birth story on her blog.

This was just the saddest thing: a mother of six was killed by a possibly drunk driver on her way home from visiting her premature twins in the NICU.

SO. A three-year-old was forgotten at a corn maze overnight. And if you, like me, are wondering how that could even happen, here is the dad explaining the situation!

Syrians are divided on whether or not to support the national soccer team, which (I believe) just narrowly missed qualifying for the World Cup.

Dog friendly

Dog friendly

The cosy season!

The cosy season!