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Dog friendly

Dog friendly

Some businesses in Finland let you take your dog in with you while you shop or whatever. If you can't take your dog in, you'll sometimes see a little dog cage thing like this (this particular one is at Prisma, a grocery store):

dog cages.jpg

I have never seen a dog actually in one of those cages, but it's a nice gesture.

It's been an adjustment coming here to a place where so many people (SO MANY) have a dog for a pet. In the UAE and other places we've lived in the Arab world, dogs were considered unfit to be pets. Some families had Salukis as racing animals (we used to see them being raced on the camel tracks in the desert, with 4x4s leading the way), but not so much as pets.

Here, there are these dog cages outside stores and all kinds of dog-sized and -shaped reflective vests and lights and coats so they can exercise year-round!

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