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The cosy season!

The cosy season!

Glögi season is here! Glögi is this amazing spiced cider drink here that you enjoy during the cosy months until the stores take it away. Then you forget about it until you are at Prisma and see glögi and realize the cosy months are here again!

There are a few different kinds of glögi, and lots of brands. In this picture, you can see Valio brand's three varieties: light, dark, and sugar-free. I prefer the sugar-free kind since it is made from all juice (the other kinds are part juice and part sugar water). Even the sugary stuff is delicious, though - all warmed up and served in a mug or taken with you in a thermos on a cold day!

We had the missionaries over for dinner once last year and served them glögi. I asked if they'd ever tried it and one of them said yes - that when he moved to a new city in early spring (!!!), there was about an inch left of glögi in a carton in the fridge and he drank it cold. PSA: don't drink glögi like that; no, not ever. Only warm/hot, and only in a mug or thermos (or paper cup into which you poured glögi straight from a thermos), preferably with both hands wrapped around the receptacle. For maximum cosiness.

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