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June 22nd, outsourced

Laura Bush on the border crisis. Plus, an explainer.

Parent screen time might be hurting kids more than kid screen time. This is an article I've been thinking about all week.

Here are two articles questioning the conclusions of landmark research studies from the past. First, the "word gap" study. Second, the Stanford Prison Experiment (language warning on that one).

The NYT on how girls and women in certain Nepalese communities are getting sick or dying when they observe the traditional practice of secluding themselves during their menstrual periods.

There is, at long last, a Utah baby name generator!

The largest orienteering event in the world was in Finland last week. Jeremy was there in person and the rest of the family followed along on TV. I stayed up until 2am watching - orienteering makes for riveting sport-watching! Here is a taste.

Two things about kids and friends and foreign countries

New hymnbooks!

New hymnbooks!