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December 22nd, outsourced

Some Christmas weekend reading material for you! I found a bunch of links that had been misfiled, yay!

The story behind the music of The Muppet Christmas Carol (aka the One True Version of that story). (Note: in a possible Bernstein/Berenstain moment, I would have sworn to you that the songs are called "The Love is Gone" and "The Love We've Found.")

The best heists of 2017!

This story was amazing: what it's like to get caught in a wildfire.

I made my shed the top-rated restaurant on Trip Advisor (in London!!). [HT Ashi, language warning]

A food critic stepped away from the fancy restaurants and instead went and reviewed America's top chain restaurants. I love this concept! We have ALL been on the highway in nowhereville on a road trip at dinnertime and something like this is so incredibly informative and practical.

Hostile working environments for women in science labs, and in factories. (The second link is to the NYT.)

The inside story of "Last Christmas." BTW, if you haven't heard Scala & Kolacny Brothers' cover, please have a listen because it is beautiful.

How Margot Robbie became Tonya Harding.

The Onion  gets it right about Ocean's 8.

Weddings of the 0.01 percent!

The most 2017 photos.

This is true and YOU KNOW IT.

My first thought was, "kids these days and their final exams on Twitter, hmph." And then I started reading and my thoughts became "HOW CAN I IMPLEMENT THIS IN ALL AREAS OF MY TEACHING IMMEDIATELY." [HT Andrew]

The Atlantic's 50 best podcasts of the year.

The Kid Should See This: science-ish videos that are worth watching! We enjoyed the rainbow dominoes and the snow shoveling ones tonight.

Sorry to end on a depressing note, but: this is what it's like to have your period (or a miscarriage) in a refugee camp.

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Books 2017 + Book Stats

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