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December 21st, outsourced

My dad’s friendship with Charles Barkley. [HT Jen]

I did not see this coming: Saudi Arabia declares war on America’s Muslim congresswomen.

Interesting logos are being replaced with boring ones. Yaaaaaaay.

Damascus prepares for a Christmas without mortar fire.

I have been marveling all week at this video of a deaf baby acquiring sign language. Does this look exactly ike child-directed speech to anyone else?? Which, I mean, OF COURSE, but to see it in action is just amazing from a linguistic standpoint.

I found this Twitter thread about sidewalk cutouts to be absolutely fascinating. There is an f-bomb in the first tweet and then it’s ok after that (except for the flames you will feel on the side of your face).

THE RISE OF ANXIETY BAKING. Do you remember during the Kavanaugh hearing when we were all stress-eating carbs? It’s like that, a little bit. [HT Jen]

Here’s a very interesting thread about misinformation in the media, as seen through the lens of the hot sauce in HRC’s bag (not a euphemism).

This guy did a deep dive into his family history and found an axe-murderer. As one does.

The New York Times looks at a particular itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie very litigious bikini.

December 2018 books

White Christmas

White Christmas