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White Christmas

White Christmas

We are getting a white Christmas in Turku this year!!! It’s the first one since 2014 and therefore the first one we will be experiencing for ourselves. In 2015, 16, and 17, I told myself it didn’t really matter that Christmas wasn’t exactly blanketed in snow here in Finland, because it is still plenty magical. But it is 20x MORE magical with snow everywhere. And we’ve gotten a fresh layer of it practically every day so that it’s stayed lovely and clean. Our November was so extremely dark, which makes this bright snow even more welcome. It is so cosy.

And our lyhty takes it up a notch. A lyhty is a wintertime decoration lantern here, hung either on a hook near the front door, or placed on the ground near the front door. We had an LED candle in there for the past month, until I decided it just wasn’t intense enough. So we added a string of blue lights and now it is juuuuust right.

Christmas Market tomorrow, then short church on Sunday, then the Declaration of Christmas Peace on Monday…Merry Christmas!

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