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December 23rd, outsourced

Japanese people just being Japanese. [HT Scott]

Two absolutely stellar articles from the NYT: first, the story of a young Syrian girl's transition to living in Canada as a refugee. This article made me feel ALL of the feelings. Second, more on Finland's experiment with universal basic income. There is so much to think about in that article.

DNA testing, race, ancestry, ethnicity - lots to think about in this article, too! [HT...someone]

I hope you all saw the Hillary, Actually skit on SNL. (It's not required watching, but you could YouTube the original Love, Actually scene if you want to make sure you understand every nuance of the skit.)

Photojournalism this year has just been exceptional. Assuming listicles exist in 50 years, I think we will see a lot of 2016 photos included in them.

Foreign Policy looks at the fall of the Soviet Union, 25 years ago this month.

Before you click on this next link, answer two questions in your mind: 1. As a kid, did you ever watch that movie where Sinbad played a genie? 2. What was the name of that children's picture book series about a family of bears who learned lessons about not eating too much candy (or whateever)? OK, go ahead and have your mind blown now. [HT Andrew and Jessie]

This girl filmed herself getting catcalled in NYC and then responded to the catcallers. It makes me laugh, but it also makes me cry.

The graveyard on Christmas Eve

The graveyard on Christmas Eve

Rogaining 2

Rogaining 2