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December 16th, outsourced

Welcome to the FInnish language.

What do you think of this chart of news sources? At the very least, it's a starting point for discussion, right? [HT Bryce]

Europeans greatly overestimate Muslim populations in their countries.

Here is the most comprehensive article you can read (for now) about the Russian hack of the DNC computers. [HT Jeremy]

Why some people think a typo cost Clinton the election. I don't buy the typo thing. That he used the wrong word, sure. But it's a stretch to call it a typo (complete with correct a/an usage).

Trump Grill could be the worst restaurant in America: "As soon as I got home, I brushed my teeth twice and curled up in bed until the nausea passed."

This Twitter thread about a diverted flight was a delight.

Finnish Christmas songs