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Finnish Christmas songs

Here are some Finnish Christmas songs I've been listening to. These skew more toward pop than traditional.

Johanna Kurkela - Varpunen Jouluaamuna (The Sparrow on Christmas Morning).

This was one of the first Christmas songs I heard after we moved here. And I ask again: why do we not have more sad Christmas songs in English?

Johanna Kurkela - Kotiin (Going Home)

I think this song is gorgeous and evocative and also shows off the beautiful Finnish language.

Johanna Kurkela - Lyhty (Lantern)

Similar themes as the above - Finns don't seem to have a word for Danish hygge, but they have the idea in some of these songs.

Saara Aalto & Tomi Metsäketo - Muistan Joulun (I Remember Christmas)

This one is so over-the-top and dramatic...and it gets played seemingly nonstop on Jouluradio here (Christmas radio). Super fun (and simple) to sing along to.

Every Finnish singer ever - Avaruus (Walking in the Air)

This is from that Snowman movie and there are soooo many versions of it here. This one also gets a lot of airtime on Jouluradio.

There are also beautiful Christmas songs that we sing at church, but that's another post!



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