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February 5th, outsourced

I thought this story about how an old video of a suicide became a macabre holy grail was interesting - it brings up issues like the way we sometimes create memories of having seen something online, and how sharing videos used to work before YouTube, and how people/companies deal with upsetting footage in their possession in this era of everything going online. (Also: some awful people wanting to see a video of a suicide.)

Death metal washing machine. I would love to know the story behind this, except it's probably the usual "drunk young Russian men with too much time on their hands." [HT Jeremy]

If Josh Hutcherson were your boyfriend, he would know that the only proper way to be woken up on a Saturday morning is by the smell of French toast he’s making, delivered to you on an old-timey silver platter he found behind the dumpster when he took out the trash earlier that month.

Regardless if your feelings about Hilary Clinton, I thought this was an interesting article about the challenges of running for president as a female.

I loved this behind-the-scenes look at the blood-spewing incident at a recent dinner at Downton Abbey!

If male scientists were written about like female scientists: "His dour personality made everyone think he’d never marry. Even so, Schrödinger got a wife and a Nobel Prize."

Really excellent pointing in Western art history: "YESWARD CHICKEN TIMES."

There is a time and a place for a Buzzfeed listicle and this was one of them. It made me laugh so hard and I HAD to show it to Jeremy. Such and such number of times, men don't understand the challenges of being a woman, whatever. Hilarious.

Zika Virus Joins Lack Of Paid Leave, Unaffordable Child Care As Reasons Woman Afraid Of Getting Pregnant.

These two articles are very interesting - both about the number of refugees who have recently LEFT Europe voluntarily Yle and NYT. [HT Susanne]


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