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November 18th, outsourced

Have I mentioned that GFY is recapping The Crown? They are, and you should watch that show, and then you should read the recaps (I happen to agree with their assessment of the show's weaknesses).

The best of the Obama/Biden BROTUS memes that have come out this past week. There are way more of them out there, so feel free to do some of your own googling to find more.

And the BROTUS meme that kind of makes your eyes tear up.

Elect yourself president! I am so doing this. [HT Jen]

Maybe this makes me a bad person, but I kind of like the idea of a Twitter bot that engages with trolls and wastes their time arguing (because it's just a bot).

I had read Lichtman's prediction of a Trump victory back in October and told Jeremy about it. So it was interesting to listen to Hidden Brain's interview with Lichtman about how he makes his predictions (he has correctly predicted the outcome of every presidential race for the last 30 years or so). 

George Takei on Japanese internment camps and the chance of it happening again with Muslims.



Just like the old days

Just like the old days

Even splits superpower