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Even splits superpower

A weird superpower I seem to have is the ability to run even splits. My high school coach used to point it out when we were going over race times the day after a meet. It's not that at any given moment I can tell what pace I'm running and then adjust; it's that my body seems to do so automatically without my even knowing it. That's what makes it a superpower.

You may recall that I ran an almost-even 60-minute 10k (my goal time) a year ago even though I wasn't wearing a watch.

Then last night I went to running club again, even though it was -5C and snowy/icy (yay for running spikes) with a killer wind. We did 3 x 10-minute repeats. I ended up getting in 6km of distance in the combined 30 minutes of running (with 2 minutes of rest in between each interval). I ran the exact same pace within 1.6 seconds per kilometer for five of the six kilometers. The other kilometer was 2.3 seconds off. It went like this:

Km 1: 4:58.9
Km 2: 4:58.8
Km 3: 4:58.3
Km 4: 4:57.3
Km 5: 5:01.2
Km 6: 4:58.8

So yeah, that seems to be my superpower. When I was a kid, I thought my superpower was guessing which track was coming next when I switched my portable CD player to "random" mode (I was seriously weirdly good at it). But maybe it's this ability to run even splits instead!

What's your mundane, totally inconsequential superpower?

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