Welcome to my blog. I write about fitting in, sticking out, and missing the motherland as a serial foreigner.

Weird things about my kids

My kids are officially freak expat kids. Miriam has lived away from the US for 7ish years of her 11 years on earth. Magda is at 6+ out of 8. Sterling is at...well, he has never lived in the US.

Sterling said there was "fifty centdollars" of snow on the ground. Centi...meters?

The girls don't know what Kool-Aid is. A friend sent some in a package and they had no idea what it was.

Same package - when I opened it in the living room and the girls saw it was full of goodies, Miriam said, "wow, did she just go to America or something?" (The person who sent it to us LIVES in America.)

Magdalena randomly starts talking to us in Finnish sometimes.

Miriam's class is learning about the US and UK in English lessons and they got to choose a state to do a report on. Miriam chose Oregon. We have had some truly epic summers there, so she was able to list "main tourist attractions of the state" with no problem whatsoever. She basically is a tourist when we are there.

Magdalena was reading out loud and she came to the word "fully" and she pronounced it with two full 'L' sounds, just like you would do in Finnish.

The kids routinely get mad if our Netflix doesn't have something that they know American Netflix has.

Writing this blog post makes me want to keep an actual list of this stuff instead of trying to remember it all at once! I will say that having freak expat kids made me appreciate Hamilton for more than just its music - it has been a great gateway to American history for my kids.

Even splits superpower