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May 18th, outsourced

I loved, loved, loved this Twitter thread about one experience a Korean immigrant had in the US: "The quiz was my new reality. I hope you all have a chance to experience this: the experience of suddenly becoming stupid, suddenly having all of your knowledge turning into dust, useless and inaccessible in a new environment with new language." (Swears warning in the penultimate tweet.)

Ken Jennings on humor.

GFY has an amazing Eurovision post. I meant to write about Eurovision this year and then didn't (it has been...quite the week) but their post is amazing so go read it!

This article about recovering a cave diver's body from....a mesmerizing and better than a whole book I once read about cave diving.

You're probably over it, but just in case: here's why Laurel can sound like Yanny. BTW, I can only hear Laurel.

The Chronicle tackles faculty office floorplans and layouts and existence. Even during my short-so-far tenure here in Finland, I have seen the shift from single-occupancy offices to group offices, though thankfully we still have plenty of bookshelves and doors that shut.

On a similar floor-plan note: I was so fascinated by this article about the open floor plan and how it came to be. Especially the part where people still want open-plan homes these days, but they also want the primary kitchen to have a door on it so that all the mess is hidden!


Summer mania

Summer mania