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April 21st, outsourced

Open your car door like the Dutch do! (By reaching with your right hand, even on the driver's side, so that you are forced to check over your shoulder for approaching cyclists.)

The economics of romantic city breaks.

The lost city of Z. I read the book by the same author about the same topic and honestly I think the long article is just as good!

Death to leaky toothpaste tubes! They are the worst.

So, I kind of love this quote from Harry Styles.

Rising seas in residential areas, flood insurance, etc. Fascinating.

The quest to make blue M&Ms! (Side note: here in Europe we still have lime-flavored green Skittles, but the purple ones are blackcurrant.)

There is a new book out all about Prince Charles and GFY did a rundown of some fun facts from it!

The New Yorker article that Sultan Al-Qassemi is responding to in this tweet gave me MAJOR flames on the side of my face. I loved his response.

How long does five years of sunshine storage last?

How long does five years of sunshine storage last?

Scarf coincidence

Scarf coincidence