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February 16th, outsourced

Can't remember if I linked to this last week, but better to include it twice than not at all: figure skating costumes over the years.

Atlas Obscura on the Winchester Mystery House.

The (smart) house that spied on me.

In Sweden, divorce can be an opportunity for immigrant women.

Alaska's food supply chain, and how one delayed shipment can send ripples through it.

From the New York Times, on a related topic: in Alaska, happiness is a cake mix. I have never lived in Alaska, but I *have* recently spent 9 euros on store-bought US brownie mix, so.

Ahem. Safe, happy, and free: does Finland have all the answers? [HT Jeremy]

Also, Finns knit even at the Olympics, nbd. [HT Crys]

I have been giggling about this tweet for days: the most underrated 10 seconds in A New Hope.

A womanified profile photo of my brother Steven has been stubbornly camped out at the top of Jeremy's facebook feed all week. So this article about a similar topic was Relevant To Our Interests. (It has a couple of f-bombs in it.)

A wrinkle in time

A wrinkle in time

Lost in DXB

Lost in DXB