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February 3rd, outsourced

This is what it's like to come to the US as a refugee.

How necessary is Donald Trump's wall?

Nicole Cliffe re: the Annie soundtrack. (includes a couple of swears) [HT Shannan]

This may be the luckiest refugee family - they made it to the US juuust in time!

What really happened to phone booths?

I would like to eat at this cookie dough restaurant, thank you very much.

Is the exclamation of surprise spelled woah or whoa? I would have said woah, and that the thing you say to horses is whoa, but Merriam-Webster has weighed in and I am wrong. :(

Well this is adorable: childhood in FInland. [HT Tiina-Leena]

This may be the most fun I had all week (it was a tough week): Ten Meter Tower. Watch it. You won't be able to look away.

Four things

Four things

The cafeteria

The cafeteria