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About that post

Here's the story behind that post I wrote a few weeks ago about news media inquiries.

I went on a run to a church activity that day while Jeremy biked with the kids, and when I got there (to the shore of a gorgeous lake - this was late summer so it was still warm outside), I checked my phone and noticed an email from a producer at CNN asking me to come on a show that night to talk about the disappearance of David Sneddon. The producer had found me through my blog, she said.

I immediately was 99% sure the message was some kind of joke or scam. To what end, I didn't know (who even impersonates CNN producers?). But I mentally rolled my eyes and said "yeah, right"...but then, for good measure, googled the name of the producer and checked out her Twitter bio, etc.

When that all proved to be legit, I got a little nervous. What if this was for real? So I emailed my mom and asked if she'd ever heard of this host and show (OutFront with Erin Burnett...sorry if that is a huge show, I am the worst with US news personalities) and then did a little more googling myself on the same topic.

When all that proved to be legit, I handed the kids to Jeremy and proceeded to be the rudest person at that church activity while ignored everyone there and frantically got to work on my phone trying to figure out what was going on.

After lots of back and forth with the producer and her assistants (what is the time difference between EST and Finland? What are some specific memories you have of David? Do you believe he was kidnapped or do you think he ran away? etc.), and some back and forth with the Sneddon family to make sure I had their blessing, everything was a go.

In the meantime, David's story was literally the top post on Reddit. His parents were slated to appear on Anderson Cooper. I figured it was entirely possible that more news people would find my blog and want to contact me, so I put up that post.

Sometime before midnight, the producer let me know that they were having David's brother on instead of me. I think two things happened: first, they were able to secure his appearance. It's possible (likely?) that I was only ever a backup interview. Second, I think the reality of the logistics of me appearing on the show from Finland finally sank in. I know that happened to me, at least - what had seemed like a bit of an adventure as well as needed attention-raising on that sunny lake beach turned into an overwhelming responsibility once I was calm at home.

So I didn't appear as one of those special guests on a CNN show, but David's brother did and ultimately gave the case the attention it needed. I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out. And now you know the story behind that bizarre post.

Bilingual brain

Bilingual brain

Potties in Finland

Potties in Finland