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October 21st, outsourced

The Sandy Hook hoax - this is a fascinating article about the father of one of the children who died at Sandy Hook and how he has made it his life's mission to defeat conspiracy theorists. Wow.

The many debate faces of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Highlights of the charity roast dinner thing. Admit it, the Michelle/Melania joke was hilarious.

Nasty women have much work to do.

I hope this commercial for Chatbooks has been taking over your fb feed. I love it so much.

I NEED MORE INFORMATION re: a cretaceous-era coastline correlating with Obama voters on the east coast. [HT Jen]

Trump said we have some 'bad hombres,' and Merriam-Webster felt compelled to put up an explainer to differentiate between hombre, ombre, and ombre with an accent over the e.

I'll leave this here:

And this here (it's what the girls and I have been watching on repeat all day):

Another 10k

Another 10k

Bilingual brain

Bilingual brain