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December 9th, outsourced

Movie accents examined - in such a nerdy, informative way! I want this guy's life. Or for him to watch movies with me all the time. (Content note: any profanity in the movie clips is bleeped out with the exception of the Brokeback Mountain clip, so skip through that one if you don't want to hear it.) [HT Anna]

I laughed so hard at this box of cornflakes that went to college for a semester and came back a different thing altogether. [HT Andrew]

A 96-year-old woman in Canada just became a great-great-great grandmother!

I thought this short Vox video about the difficulties of creating flat maps out of a spherical globe was very interesting.

A Syrian architect gave a short TED Talk about her home city of Homs and it is worth watching. [HT Kathy]

If you've heard about the little girl tweeting from Aleppo (Bana), this article sums up some of my initial skepticism about the account, as well as the larger issue of the impossibility of verifying stuff like this in the context of war.

Finally, we have: if men breastfed.


Political science students in Finland: a vignette

Political science students in Finland: a vignette