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January 27th, outsourced

(This isn't really a link, but a recommendation. Watch Nobel on Netflix. It's a Norwegian television series. It is really good. It has a couple of f-bombs in the subtitles but overall its content is subdued and yet intense and moving. And then thank my friend Ashi for the recommendation.)

The Atlantic digs into how crowds at huge events are counted.

Twitter has all kinds of rogues on it now. This tweet sums it up.

Idaho State University is $12 million short, in part thanks to an exodus of Middle Eastern students.

Call centers in India and entrepeneurs swindling Americans.

This interview with Harry Reid was interesting, even if it broke my heart to hear how he was treated by some fellow Mormons.

Is this Alexandra Petri's best work yet? Donald Trump's inauguration was a gothic nightmare.

I always enjoy a good rant from Ask the Pilot. This time: inflight garbage. I count myself among the people who at least try to clean up after themselves. But I also realize how hard it is - irregular access to garbage bins, no cleaning supplies, and, oh yeah, being stuck in a seat with children for like 15 hours.


Student teaching in Finland

Student teaching in Finland