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Walking in Cairo

There's this video from the summer of 2010 that I treasure: it's almost-2-year-old Magdalena walking down the street in Cairo. She has always been such a force of nature, and you can see it even in her mini toddler walk.

Miriam was a normal walker. Sterling is one of those super slow walkers that parenting blogs are always encouraging me to indulge (...but also, I would like to be able to get from the car to the grocery store entrance in less than an hour).

And then there is Magdalena. In this video, we weren't even GOING anywhere. We weren't in a hurry, or on our way to get ice cream, or see a puppy, or go to the zoo. We were just walking home after seeing some friends. And yet she has this total "GIT 'R DONE" walk happening! It's amazing and I love it.

Library newspaper

Library newspaper

October biking mileage