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December 1st, outsourced

The making of an American Nazi. Disturbing stuff.

On taking photos with people in foreign countries.

In case you hadn't heard, Prince Harry is engaged to a biracial, 36-year-old AMERICAN divorcée. Their engagement interview was lovely. Like, I literally have nothing invested in these people but I enjoyed observing how happy they are.

Also at GFY: which actors and actress have Period Piece Face? This is something I have thought about before. Keira Knightley, for example, has peak Period Piece Face, in my opinion. Period Piece Face is also why Billie Piper was so terribly out of place in that remake of Mansfield Park ten years ago - she doesn't have it!

Here is an article from NPR about health care waste and $1800 ear piercings.

What SUVs reveal about the erosion of American society.

November 2017 books

November 2017 books

Military service in Finland