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March 10th, outsourced

In red state Utah, a surge toward Obamacare.

Here is an article from Outside Magazine that is going to FREAK YOU OUT. It's about ziplines. The main story told in the article is a relative of a friend. It's legit.

Leaving Aleppo.

I have no context for this "active wear" video whatsoever but the girls and I have been singing the song all week, substituting whatever activity we are actually doing.

Here's the latest on Finland's 2017 baby box contents!

Oh my gosh, this interview-from-home-office gone wrong! Best thing ever!!!

Aaaaand here is a disturbing article about a woman who found out that her father was her mother's fertility doctor (and not through a consensual, conventional relationship, either).

Ice swimming

Ice swimming

Three-minute Thesis

Three-minute Thesis