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March 16th, outsourced

I grew up with a Thomas Guide map in the car for emergencies and I guess that was not just a Portland thing (of course it wasn't).

This article about itching is disturbing and fascinating and also disturbing.

On Sunday I got sucked into a Wikipedia rabbit hole about people who have disappeared from cruise ships and I am pretty sure I linked to this Jon Ronson article in The Guardian here before but it is worth reading again.

The Atlantic has three very interesting articles about women who have escaped human trafficking, written by the women themselves.

Evangelicals' complicated relationship with Donald Trump. [HT Liz]

National Geographic talks about its racist past coverage.

The NYT tells us how to stop eating sugar!

Finland's 2018 baby box is here!

Finland got Happiest Country in the World this year! The reaction here seems to be something along the lines of "...ok? I guess so?"

This was hands-down the most interesting thing I read this week: the refugee detectives.


More multilingualism

Three TV things

Three TV things