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Three TV things

Three TV things

1. AMC has a new show about the Franklin Expedition and I am so excited about it. One of my favorite books when I was a kid was about the Franklin Expedition, complete with explanations of 19th-century canning practices and pictures of frozen corpses on the cover. But I couldn't remember the name and by Tuesday afternoon my Google search history looked like this:

the terror children's book

hms terror children's book

children's book about the franklin expedition

franklin expedition kids' book

children's nonfiction book about explorers

None of these were successful, and I was starting to doubt my memory of a mauve-covered book with a frozen corpse on the front that I treasured in my childhood, but then! Later in the  day I remembered it might have been called Trapped in the Ice, which led me to Buried in Ice, and here is the book!

buried in ice.jpg

2. & 3. Spanish high-production-value period dramas on Netflix are my new spirit animal. Last year I watched Grand Hotel and it was amazing. Now I'm almost through season 1 of Morocco: Love in Times of War and it has everything you would want in a show about people working through their romantical problems during an old-timey war. If you have these shows on US Netflix and you kinda miss Downton Abbey, give them a try! In them you will find (no real spoilers):

baby swapping
secret twins
attempted murder by lightbulb installation electrocution
fake pregnancy
a secret cave with a jail in it
hiding in closets and overhearing important conversations
a lady lawyer (in the nineteen-teens!)
jilted fiances traveling internationally to win someone back
blackmail (like a LOT)
ridiculously good-looking people, just all around, everywhere

Plus, it's all in Spanish, so it's practically an educational experience. Magdalena asked for help with her Spanish homework the other day, reading a dialogue out loud with her, and I nailed it in perfect Castilian Spanish! (...I'm so sure.)

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