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March 9th, outsourced

A triathlete in South Africa thought he was being robbed when some men attacked him, but it turns out they were trying to cut off his legs with a chainsaw. So, that is a thing that happened.

A con-man's string of cheated and deceived ex-girlfriends banded together to bring him down and it's pretty satisfying.

My friend Eevi has written on her travel blog about struggling with baby sleep and that post is my new spirit animal. I have taken great (weird, but great) comfort in commiserating with her over the years about babies not sleeping, especially while traveling, and it was so nice to read her thoughts. The club of people who have done transatlantic jetlag with babies, repeatedly, over a decade, is not especially large but Eevi is basically president of it.

So it turns out Twitter is a natural fit for humans perpetuating fake news. Surprise!

We don't deserve Jessica Chastain.

When I woke up this morning, people on the internet were freaking out about Family Cloth, i.e., toilet paper that is actually cloth. There are a lot of other people's life choices to judge here but the part that lost me was where she keeps the soiled cloths IN A FABRIC BIN.

Julie Washington and African-American English in the classroom.

The latest Care & Feeding is kind of amazing: "The wisdom of millions of years of human familial development has regrettably shaken out into very few definitive pieces of knowledge, but one of those is: 'You deal with your family. I deal with mine.'"

Three TV things

Three TV things

Life in a multilingual country