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March 3rd, outsourced

25 words that are their own opposites! [HT Kristi]

The "world's worst skier" has never trained on snow.

This is my new favorite thing: The Atlantic will tell you about your life using events and inventions. Google was half a lifetime ago!

The wisdom of the dumbphone (Nokia is bringing theirs back). I have a work-issued dumbphone and there is definitely a point to them.

Here's what happened with the whole Oscars thing.

Sergey Kislyak, the most forgettable man in the world.

Here's a short video about Muslim women in the UAE - these are the kinds of women I got to share a society with for five years!

Someone posted on Twitter that they often find themselves thinking about that girl who sent a picture of Nicolas Cage as an email attachment instead of her resume. ME TOO. Here is the whole story.

The small world of modern thrillers. Is that the reason why I didn't like the latest season of Sherlock??

80 square meters

80 square meters